Our Misson

ARDS Nepal was launched in July 2012 to raise public awareness of dementia, support people with dementia and their carers, and provide training to health and social care professionals in Nepal. Our mission is to develop dementia care services in Nepal as outlined in the draft National Care Plan.


We provide various memory related services in Nepal.

Ms Maree McCabe is the CEO of Alzheimer's Australia Vic. Shreedhar Lamichhane and Dr. arun Jha imet and interviewed her at ADI conference in Puerto Rico where she agreed and visited Nepal on 16 June 2014.

Twinning with Australia

  • Memory clinics at selected sites
  • Training carers and health professionals
  • Public awareness through media
  • Working with senior citizen organisations
  • Setting up research projects
  • Lobbying with Ministry of Health

“Dementia is a syndrome, usually of a chronic or progressive nature, caused by a variety of brain illnesses that affect memory, thinking, behaviour and ability to perform everyday activities. Although dementia mainly affects older people, it is not a normal part of ageing. Dementia is overwhelming not only for the people who have it, but also for their caregivers and families. Dementia can no longer be neglected but should be considered a part of the public health agenda in all countries!”

WHO (2012)

Dementia: A Public Health Priority

"डिमेंसिया मस्तिष्कको यउटा यस्तो कडा रोग हो जसमा व्यक्तिको स्मरण शक्ति, कुराकानी गर्ने क्षमता, योजना बनाउने, आफ्नो जीवनलाई व्यवस्थित पार्ने, तथा सामाजिक शिप इत्यादिको ह्रासले ���र्दा दैनिक जीवन यापन गर्ने क्षमता विस्तारै समाप्त हुन्छ र व्यक्ति परावलम्बी बन्न पुग्छ."
-             अल्जाइमर विश्मृति समाज


What is Dementia?

25 March 2015

Dementia Stakeholders Workshop at Hotel Shankar


16 June 2014

Dr. Karki attends the Dementia legacy event in London.

1-4 May 2014

ARDS Nepal became the member of ADI Council.

Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Society (ARDS) Nepal
अल्जाइमर विश्मृति समाज

(Established 2012) www.ardsnepal.org
Dementia Helpline: 9851155220; 
(डिमेंसिया हेल्प लाइन ९८५११५५२२०)

Number of people with dementia in Nepal has risen to 78,000 in 2015.